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Thin Hakka Noodles – From the Hills of Meghalaya


Slurp away these delicious Thin Hakka Noodles! They are unique & light in texture and not too heavy unlike other maida noodles. They make for the perfect partner for your kids tiffin.


Hand-crafted by the traditional artisans of Meghalaya with NO MSG!

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In the kitchens of Meghalaya, Thin Hakka Noodles are carefully handmade by skilled family artisans. They have passed down this noodle making technique for generations. They expertly prepare the dough, roll it out, and cut it into delicate noodles using traditional techniques. Each plate of these noodles reflects the dedication and craftsmanship of Meghalaya’s culinary tradition, delivering an authentic taste that celebrates the region’s heritage. This style of noodles is the go-to craving if you’re passing by local street stalls in Meghalaya. Trust us, you won’t find noodles with a texture like this elsewhere!

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How to cook Thin Hakka Noodles:

Prep Time: 7 mins 


STEP 1 – Take a pan, boil the water & add salt as per your taste.

STEP 2 – Add the noodles in boiled water for 3 mins (Don’t over cook the noodles).

STEP 3 – Drain the water, run the noodles under cold water and add them to a wok   (of sautéed veggies or meat of your choice).

STEP 4 – Add sauces as per your recipe.

STEP 5 – Mix the noodles well. Enjoy your Noodles!

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