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Did you know turmeric is one of the top adulterated spices in India?

Did you know turmeric is one of the

top adulterated spices in India?

Here’s an intensive guide to help you

spot the real deal:

1. Appearance & Color
Look for vibrant golden-yellow powder. It should not be dull or pale, nor reddish in colour.

2. Aroma & Taste Test
Authentic turmeric has a distinct earthy, slightly floral smell.
If not, check –
Does it have an artificial sweet smell? – Likely has metanil yellow (colour agent)
Does it have a chalky taste? Likely has chalk or white cement (volumizer)
Does it have a pungent odor and taste? Likely has Lead Chromate (colour agent-super toxic!)

3. The Palm Test
Take a pinch of turmeric and rub it on your palm.
Pure turmeric will stick to your palm, leaving a deep bright orange tint. It shouldn’t drop too easily.

4. Solubility Test
Add a bit of turmeric to a glass of lukewarm water.
Let it rest for 20 mins.
Pure turmeric will settle at the bottom and leave a light yellow colour.
Adulterated turmeric leaves a strong turbid yellow colour even after the powder settles.

5. Does your turmeric have starch filler?
Add a drop of iodine; genuine turmeric won’t turn blue-black.

6. Check the source!
Opt for turmeric from trusted regions known for naturally growing turmeric. Pahari Roots sources turmeric from Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, which has been GI-tagged by the Indian Government for being the best source of high-curcumin Lakadong turmeric.

7. Check the package!
Check for proper labeling indicating quality standards.

8. Is it lab-tested?
Not every test can be done at home, so consider brands with turmeric lab-tested for curcumin content and lead levels. At Pahari Roots, we ensure all our turmeric batches are lab-tested!

Stay safe and enjoy the benefits of authentic turmeric!

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