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Perilla Seeds from Meghalaya (High in Omega 3 | Superior to Chia & Flax Seeds)


  • Buy the nutty & delicious Perilla Seeds, perfect as a dry roasted topping in your salads, chutneys, or curries!

  • Perilla is an herb which belongs to mint family (Lamiaceae). These tiny seeds make Chia seeds and Flax seeds look puny in comparison. They have twice the omega-3 fatty acids as chia seeds.

  • Omega-3, which is hard to come by from plant sources, is important for brain functioning and making your skin healthy & young. The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio in perilla seeds is 6:1, the highest in any seeds!


 Vegan & Vegetarian-friendly Omega Food!

An amazing vegetarian Omega Source! Unlock the essence of High Plant-based Omega with our handpicked Perilla seeds from Meghalaya, a culinary gem prized for its unique flavor and nutritional richness.

How to get Omega in my Diet?

Sourced from the pristine hills of Meghalaya, our Perilla seeds are bursting with Omega-3 goodness, surpassing Chia and Flax seeds. No more depending on Cod Oil Omega Supplements! Get your Omega from Plants!

Elevate your dishes with the nutty crunch of Perilla seeds—perfect for salads, stir-fries, and beyond. Delight in the authentic taste of Meghalayan cuisine with our premium Perilla seeds.

This herb is the powerhouse secret behind the world-famous Korean skincare!


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Perilla Aloo Chaat

Prep time: 20 mins


4-5 medium potatoes

Perilla seeds – 4 tbsp 

Whole black peppercorns – ½ tbsp.

Salt – ½ tsp (or as per taste)

Chilli powder – ¼ tsp

Coriander leaves (finely chopped, for garnish)



  • Peel and chop the potatoes into cubes.
  • Boil them for 15 minutes (poke with a fork to check if it’s cooked). Drain.
  • In a pan, dry roast the Perilla Seeds and Black Peppercorn for 2-3 minutes (till slightly aromatic). Set aside & let it cool. Then grind them in a mixer till it’s coarsely powdered.
  • To a bowl..Add the boiled potato cubes – to it add the perilla mix, chilli powder, salt, finely chopped coriander leaves and a dash of lime.
  • Mix gently and serve. Your Perilla Aloo Chaat is ready!


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