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Black Wine Tea (TGFOP)


Luxury Black Tea (SFTGFOP1 – Highest Tea Grade)

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Green Tea – Orthodox Tea (TGFOP) 50 g


  • Kickstart your day with a breath of fresh air with our Finest Green Tea – the guilt-free and healthy drink option made for you to enjoy every day.

  • It is made by carefully roasting whole green tea leaves which are then rolled into coils in Japanese style.

  • Flavour: These tea leaves will give you a beautifully light, toasted, naturally sweet cup of tea, with delicate hints of fresh-cut grass, which is the perfect infusion to relax your senses.

  • Grade: TGFOP ( Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe).



The backstory:

Once upon a tea leaf, there was a special kind of tea called Orthodox Green Tea. It all began in lush green tea gardens, where skilled farmers carefully nurtured the tea plants. They plucked the young and tender leaves, making sure to handle them with gentle care.

These precious leaves went through a special process to become the delicious green tea we love. First, they were withered, allowing them to lose some moisture. Then, they were gently steamed or pan-fired, which helped them keep their fresh green colour. Next, the leaves were rolled and shaped, just like little tea treasures. Finally, they were dried to perfection, preserving their natural flavours.

The result was Orthodox Green Tea, a tea that captured the essence of nature and carried a hint of grassy freshness. It’s a tea that brings joy with every sip and offers a moment of tranquillity in a busy world.

When you drink Orthodox Green Tea, you can imagine the journey these leaves took to reach your cup. It’s a story of careful cultivation, expert craftsmanship, and the love for creating something truly special.

So, take a sip of this remarkable tea and let its flavours transport you to the tea gardens where it all began. Enjoy the magic of Orthodox Green Tea and embrace the wonders of nature in every cup.


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How to make Pahari Roots’ Meghalaya Green Tea:

What you need:

Water – 180 ml

Meghalaya Green Tea leaves – 1 tbsp / 2 gms

Brewing instructions –

In a pot, bring the water to a boil.
Switch off the flame and add the orthodox tea leaves.
Cover with a lid and let it sit for 1 ½ mins. (don’t let it sit for too long to avoid a bitter taste).
Pour it into a tea cup with a strainer.
Add in a dollop of honey or a sweetener of your choice and stir.
Enjoy a light and refreshing cup of Meghalaya Green Tea!

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